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Gruntek Secures Exclusive Distributorship for Natural Pyrethrum from Endura

Gruntek has successfully secured exclusive rights to distribute Natural Pyrethrum from Endura in South East Asia.

Endura is an Italian-based company that develops, manufactures and sells active ingredients for household and public health insecticides. Established for over 50 years, it has grown to be one of the leaders in the industry. The company operates in Bologna and serves customers world-wide via a commercial network established in 35 countries. Its manufacturing facilities and R&D activities are based in Ravenna.

Endura also provides a wide range of formulations that may be used in various applications including aerosols, vaporizers and liquid concentrates. It is the leading manufacturer world-wide of the well-known synergist, Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO). Its Piperonyl Butoxide is the only one approved safe by the World Health Organization (WHO) and all its active ingredients fulfil the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies (USA-EPA, EU-BPR, APVMA, CIB, etc.

Gruntek believes that Natural Pyrethrum will grow to be an important active ingredient in pest control products for public health, animal health and agriculture.

Gruntek can now offer professional pest control companies green insecticides. Green insecticide formulations are a rising yet underdeveloped in South East Asia due to the shortage of supply and lack of developmental know-how. We can provide technical support to customers who wish to develop new range of green insecticides using Natural Pyrethrum.

Gruntek's expertise in pyrethroids and its access to state of the art analytical laboratories can help customers in their product design to achieve desired bio-efficacy results. We also offer registration support in the region.

To learn more about the product, contact our team at

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