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GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide

GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide

GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide is a unique and highly palatable multi-feed anti-coagulant bait used by professionals for effective control of rodent pest population.
  • GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide's detailed design around freshness of bait, taste, texture and anti-coagulant dosage make it highly effective in rodent pest management.

    Incoporating texture control into a unique recipe of fresh, high quality food attractants promote maximum palatablilty. GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide contains a low but effective dosage of active ingredient that can arrest bait shyness. As the onset of any illness is delayed, rodents are unable to associate the product with poisoning caused by GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide.

    In addtion, GRUNPRO™ Rodenticide is packed into sachets. Even though the product is unlikely to present any risk to humans and other non-target organisms (i.e. birds and mammalian pets), it offers a safe solution to operators seeking the mitigated risk of secondary poisoning.

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